Realty During Covid-19

Realty During Covid-19

By Published On: June 15, 2020

A Guide for Buying and Selling Realty During Covid-19 became an important priority when the world came to a sudden halt and the State of California ordered us to stay home.  As we continue to move through this crisis, be sure you find the best representative who is committed to your safety and to the productivity of your efforts.

Today buyers and sellers are seeing data that is promising. In some real estate office, agents are reporting they are more productive than ever.

As you embark upon this process, consider these suggestions.

For Sellers

Today there are regulations, orders, and advisories that will continue to change. Your listing agent should keep you informed about the latest advisories and regulations impacting your ability to sell your home.

  1. Before you sign a listing agreement, make sure your agent discusses the latest regulations regarding showing your house. Remember, it is your responsibility to find the best agent for your needs.
  2. Ask your agent how they intend to market your property that increases the likelihood that a buyer will feel eager to take a tour of your property.
  3. If the unit is occupied, ask your agent how to best manage the safety of your tenants.
  4. MAKE SURE THE UNIT IS CLEAN.  The Disney Corporation learned from a study that visitors equate the cleanliness of the food court to the safety of the rides. Keep your “food court” and all areas as clean as possible.
  5. Currently listing agents are required to sanitize after showing your house. Have them go into detail how they can accomplish that with the least disruption to occupants. In two weeks that requirement may change. If so, how will your listing agent respond?
  6. Require your listing agent to provide you with high quality virtual tours and other online collateral to help buyers pick your house to view in person.

For Buyers

My advice is always the same no matter what the conditions. Work with someone who demonstrates a commitment to helping you purchase property.  For example this Guide and the three podcasts dedicated to your understanding of the impact of the virus on realty is a demonstration that I care about your safety and am committed to helping you make the best decision.

  1. The stay at home orders certainly did not give sellers a reason to list their property.  As you would expect, today we are experiencing a shortage of listings. That means you need to be a smarter and better buyer than other buyers. We are seeing multiple offers so be prepared to be competitive.
  2. The same advice to sellers apply to you with respect to safety. Protect yourself so you feel comfortable while you are viewing the interior. Pick the right buyers agent who educates you on the latest requirements for viewing and for listing.
  3. If you can, ask for a virtual tour. Some agents make virtual tours available to help narrow your search. The interesting thing about the current situation is that it places a greater emphasis on the neighborhood or location.
  4. Consider this, would you be more willing to invest in a property you can’t view or a neighborhood you can’t view? Since location, location, location is the real estate mantra for a reason, take this opportunity to pick the perfect location.
  5. When you view listings, decide how you will protect yourself.  Be more cautious than industry requirements if that makes you feel more safe.
  6. Ask about the cleanliness of the unit before you tour. Let’s say the occupants are messier on weekend, then view the unit during the week.
  7. If you like to shower after viewing a property, consider viewing the exterior first so that you can leave directly after being inside the unit.
  8. Be strategic and discuss your priorities with all decision makers before you enter the property so you don’t linger and strategize while you are inside. More so than ever before, you want to have a list of features that satisfy your wants and needs.

I hope this information helps you accomplish your goals. Give me a call anytime you want more information. It would be my pleasure to work with you as a buyer or seller to give you the best chance of accomplishing your goals.

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