We Love Ours Tenants and Guests

We Love Ours Tenants and Guests

By Published On: September 21, 2022

When I was a college student, I was treated terribly by property managers and owners. Many acted out of compliance with industry regulations.  I knew that when I was in a position to own a rental, that I would strive to be the best provider of rental housing. My name is Laura Artman. Welcome to Artman House.

In my experience, property managers treat tenants as a nuisance. They don’t want to hear from them, interact, or care about their experience. Tenants are a commodity and treated as children. Personally, I find this appalling.

I am a businesswoman. In the role of property manager, my clients are the investors and owners of the property. What are my clients ultimately “buying” from me? Most property managers will say their job is to manage the property. While this is an important service, if that were all property owners wanted, they would hire a maintenance worker.

Uneducated property managers will also argue it is collecting rents and paying bills.  A bookkeeper can do that, so what is the unique part of the managers offerings that must be part of the equation. TENANTS.

As a property manager, my job is to find, attract, and retain the best tenants available. That is at the core of my offerings. How this is lost on most property managers is beyond me.

I take the relationship with tenants, to heart. I love interacting with tenants. They spend part of their lives with me, so I might as well enjoy their company and make them as comfortable as possible. The more I cater to the needs of the tenant, with care, the more value I create. For example, I pay interest on deposits held in my care. This costs me nothing, because it is the tenant’s money anyway.  However, the message it sends to the tenant is clear. I value our relationship.

My name is Laura Artman. If you are a potential tenant, know this: I care deeply about how you are provided for while in the care of my properties. If you are a client, know this: your property is a source of tremendous value. I promise to bring you the best tenants; tenants who share your passion for your property.

Thank you for reading this post.

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Laura Artman MBA
By : Laura Artman, MBA

Team player known for my extraordinary ability to communicate in a manner that influences decision making. Skilled in developing strong, trustworthy relationships with individuals and groups inside and outside of the organization.

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