The Quest for High ROI

The Quest for High ROI

By Published On: September 12, 2022

Portfolio diversification, tax efficiency, profit generation, consistent cash flow, inflation protection, and wealth creation are the primary goals for real estate investing. In California, it is possible to excel in th

My name is Laura Artman and my approach to real estate management is ROI centric, rooted in the investment fundaments, and product driven. My background as a registered investment advisor gives me a broader and deeper perspective than most property managers.

The Model

The House of Artman works best with sophisticated clients who want a strategy that produces a consistent net cash flow stream that keeps pace with, or exceeds the market for similar investments. When this is accomplished, the investor is well poised for superior returns.

The Process

There are a variety of approaches to maximizing a cash flow stream. Each property is unique, and every investor has their own style, concerns and resources. The process starts with a conversation. We first need to establish if we would feel good about working together. As with many successful companies, my success is a direct result in the quality of the clients I attract.

The truth is, if success in property management was difficult, it would be full of MBAs.

As a real estate investor, you want to see the preservation of the physical value of your property, and want a solid return on your investment.

These are actually easy goals to achieve. That is why real estate as an industry, is full of practitioners who are not educated or trained in investments. As a former investment advisor (securities) and investment intellectual, I used my understanding of investments to create a business model that is unique. Since this model produces solid returns, that no doubt, in 20 years I believe all property managers will have similar models .

The Model

There are many factors that contribute to my success in investments.

The Bottom Line is This

It costs you nothing to contact me to discuss your real estate investment. Let me meet with you onsite.  I will take a bunch of photos, ask a lot of questions, and discuss the investment strategy of your portfolio in order to determine how I can improve upon your ROI.

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Laura Artman MBA
By : Laura Artman, MBA

Team player known for my extraordinary ability to communicate in a manner that influences decision making. Skilled in developing strong, trustworthy relationships with individuals and groups inside and outside of the organization.

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